Massachusetts-based Marijuana Dispensary Partners with Cooperative Systems to Redesign Their Network


NETA needed a robust network solution that provided a high level of security,
fast connectivity and was easily scalable. Cooperative Systems architected a
Cisco Meraki solution to meet their needs. Engineers configured the system so
traffic between the four facilities traversed private fiber circuits and in the event
of a fiber outage traffic failed over to a SD-WAN connection that utilized
redundant internet circuits.

All equipment was configured to Cooperative Systems standards to ensure a
rock solid solution was delivered. By implementing a Cisco Meraki solution
Cooperative Systems enabled NETA to have a single pane-of-glass
management interface to see all critical network information as well as securely
manage from the cloud. Once installed, Cooperative Systems trained NETA
staff on management and monitoring of the solution and provide on-going
service as needed. Currently the network is supporting an average of
approximately 1300 network clients per day and over 250TB of data transfer
per month.


The end result was lightening fast connectivity between facilities to allow for
security footage to be reviewed by a centralized team with high availablity in
the event of circuit / internet outages.
As NETA grew they reached out to Cooperative Systems to build out a network
based off of Cisco Meraki hardware for a new facility. Since Cooperative
Systems architected the original network across four locations to be easily
scalable the end result was getting a new facility with about 150 network
devices off the ground and running with all critical communications in about one
day of engineering labor (not including data cabling or physical installation of


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