Full-Service Insurance Agency Benefits From Customized Technology Solutions and High-Quality Service


Sumner and Sumner Insurance is a 165-year-old company that is a leader in offering premium insurance services to their insurance clients. The staff at Sumner and Sumner has multiples offices and works in the Connecticut communities of Willimantic, Mansfield, Storrs, Columbia, Colchester, Andover, Bolton, Tolland, Norwich, East Lyme, Groton, Waterford, Mystic and New London.

The owners at Sumner and Sumner had four big technology and IT frustrations they were facing before they began working with Cooperative Systems. First, their team did not have a coherent, innovative IT strategy and were stuck behind old, static technology. Second, most of the PC hardware was hand-built and barely networked together, which caused issues due to the lack of standardization. Third, Sumner and Sumner didn’t have a plan to help them determine where to start, even though they knew they needed to revise their IT and technology plan. Lastly, the servers and network that housed all their data were all on-premise, and they had no cloud solution or plans for cloud implementation to complement their on-prem solution.

Personalized IT Strategy.


Cooperative Systems consolidated and optimized Sumner and Sumner’s IT, resulting in a more effective, efficient environment to support their operations and drive profitability. Because of these frustrations, the owners at Sumner and Sumner chose to partner with Cooperative Systems to solve their technology issues.

“Cooperative Systems took time to listen and understand our technology challenges and took time to learn about our larger industry technology goals. We felt comfortable in working with Cooperative Systems because of their expert knowledge of insurance industry and the requirements which the insurance industry demands. It was this result that helps us run our business and serve our insurance customers,” said President, Brendan Quinn.

Through NOAH Managed Technology Services from Cooperative Systems, Sumner and Sumner was able to align their business goals with their technology, and they began to reap the benefits from high-quality delivery and customer service. The team at Sumner and Sumner established a high level of trust with Cooperative Systems through openness and honesty. They found that they were able to profit from the results of better efficiencies, including elimination of wasteful paper and a move to digital sources. The enhancements increased their level of customer satisfaction – they now handle their customer requests quicker and their technology allowed them to move away from those arduous tasks that relied on heavy manual labor. Sumner and Sumner also committed fully to the cloud a few years back, which they were concerned about doing at first. The Cooperative Systems team handled the entire transition with whiteglove service.

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