Education Transportation Company Partners With Cooperative Systems To Grow And Scale


For 35 years, Van Pool has been providing safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation services for children with special needs to and from schools all over Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Unlike the unparalleled dependability and strength of their transportation services, Van Pool’s internal technologies were inefficient and unreliable. The team at Van Pool had three primary frustrations that needed to be addressed. First, their database needed to be moved to the cloud. Second, they were experiencing slow access to data and their business applications. Third, their hardware was failing and there was little accountability and control over this particular problem.

Strengthened Operations with Standardization and Optimization.


Cooperative Systems designed a strategy to give Van Pool’s systems faster speed, maximum up-time, and optimized resources to keep pace with their growth.

The management team at Van Pool took action by partnering up with Cooperative Systems to solve these issues through Cooperative Systems proven NOAH technology services. Their database was transitioned to Microsoft Azure’s cloud solution, they improved the overall speed of access to business applications, and their internal processes for utilizing office hardware was standardized.

“Because of our development and expansion, our data needs have changed and grown and the response to that has evolved as well. Knowing that, the ‘ah-ha moment’ for us came when we knew we might need to move our database to the cloud. Cooperative Systems had a solid solution and a proven process to migrate our entire database,” said Kathleen Cinelli, Director of IT at Van Pool Transportation.

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