Conveyco Technologies: Hurried On- Boarding, A Success Story.


A very successful material handling systems integrator, Conveyco Technologies, had an internal IT staff of one, who was very responsive. As internal IT, he rolled out new machines and managed the infrastructure day to day. When he decided to leave for another opportunity, Conveyco was put in a situation where they needed a replacement immediately. Because a replacement would need time to get up to speed and finding someone who has a breadth of experience is challenging, they turned to Cooperative Systems for support.


With a very rushed timeline during the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Cooperative Systems on-boarded and began supporting Conveyco Technologies. They began collaborating with Conveyco to determine what areas of support and their infrastructure needed immediate attention and what could be delayed for implementation. Remote access for all employees was key with focus on VPN and needed program access outside of the network. Once remote management of all servers and workstations was in place, backups and other key support was implemented. Networking gear was next on the list to remedy the VPN limitations, and further improve remote management of the infrastructure. While Cooperative Systems continue to refresh older PCs and Laptops, server upgrades are now being planned to bring Conveyco up to standards and reduce the possibility of downtime.


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