Connecticut Manufacturer, Polamer Precision, Experiences Stronger Data Security Protection from Cooperative Systems

Connecticut Manufacturer, Polamer Precision, Experiences Stronger Data Security Protection from Cooperative Systems.


Polamer Precision is a contract aerospace manufacturing firm that produces high quality engine and airframe components. Polamer is based in New Britain Connecticut, and have been in business since 1997. Polamer Precision has been a Cooperative Systems client since 2009.

One of the main reasons that Polamer Precision chooses to work with Cooperative Systems is because of the highly regulated industry in which Polamer operates. Polamer Precision needs a strong sense of data protection due to the highly regulated nature of their industry, and ultimately relies on their IT relationship with Cooperative Systems to ensure their intellectual property doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

The security concerns the ownership at Polamer wrestled with, that were ultimately solved by Cooperative Systems, were three-fold:

  1. They needed to establish an internal process that controlled all the technology and data within the network inside their facility.
  2. They needed to develop and execute a process within their network that safeguarded their propriety data, so that no employees would ever be able to take data elsewhere.
  3. They wanted to achieve their goal of having a high-level of security around their assets, through a cyber security assessment.

Through a comprehensive and multi-faceted analysis of their security, Cooperative Systems created a platform that addressed all security issues stemming from failings in existing hardware, outdated software, and poorly configured networks.

Elevated Security Presence.


With an in-depth understanding of Polamer Precision’s IT environment, Cooperative Systems brought Polamer Precision’s security to the next level.

Through recommendations provided by Cooperative Systems’ security assessment, Polamer was able to finally take action to solve their broken process related to their technology concerns, while moving into a situation where they could scale and grow.

Implementation of the overall security plan was critically important to Matt Krawiec, Business Enterprise Developer, who manages the entire IT network at Polamer. Cooperative Systems helped Matt and company execute the process of DLP (data loss prevention) so they could finally have the controlled flow of data like they’ve long since desired.

“Intellectual property is important to us because we’re using this property to design and manufacture new products for customers, and we can’t have someone take this data,” said Matt Krawiec, Business Enterprise Developer with Polamer Precision. “Cooperative Systems helped us develop, and implement, a comprehensive plan which makes it easy for us to count on the strong security of our network.”

Because of the unique nature of every company’s security needs, Cooperative Systems approaches each security and IT evaluation from an agnostic perspective. In the case of Polamer Precision, they are actively supported through a high-level of touch from Cooperative Systems, and are always on top of any technology issues that arise.

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