Connecticut-based Manufacturer Solves IT and Technology Issues with Cooperative Systems


Like many manufacturers, Magnatech operated their IT systems and that worked well for them and was functional. However, they found that over time their equipment and software aged, their cabling needed replacing to expand their office space, and their technology capacity started to breakdown. Lastly, an overdue upgrade to their ERP system exacerbated the need to overhaul their network and software.


As a solution to their IT struggles, Magnatech partnered with Cooperative Systems to design and implement an overhaul by upgrading all PC’s to Windows 10 from Windows 7, move their server and network infrastructure, and install new switches and cabling for a secure network. Magnatech also shifted from onsite Exchange to Office 365 for email and Office Applications and implemented a move to the cloud for security and business continuity planning. The final project in initially engaging Magnatech was upgrading their ERP solution system which had become unstable and non-supported.

The team at Cooperative Systems worked to keep outages to a minimum during the initial IT upgrades including working off hours when needed. The Cooperative Systems team completed the network overhaul which resulted in a stable, secure, and efficient environment.

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