Boston-Based Insurance Firm Avoids Disaster Thanks To Strategic Business Disaster Recovery Technology Planning


MTM Insurance is a recognized leader in the insurance industry as a premier insurance agency to their clients. With multiple offices and over
100 years of combined insurance wisdom and knowledge, their team of professionals deliver what is considered one of the best insurance experiences in the New England area and in 15 other states and communities.

In fall of 2018, the greater Boston area was rocked by a series of seemingly spontaneous fires and explosions resulting from overpressurized natural gas pipes underground. People’s homes and businesses on the properties above were damaged, some completely destroyed. People were hurt, and other members of these communities were asked to evacuate. Families and companies devastated by these events were immediately anxious to understand who was responsible and how they would repair and recuperate in the wake of the damage.

Because of what was happening, MTM Insurance itself was forced to evacuate its main offices in North Andover, one of the hot spots for these explosions. Even MTM’s owners were needing to evacuate their homes in the area. They’ve thankfully been trained to adapt and use technology to their advantage so they can continue their operations and serve their clients throughout these scenarios.

Seamless Business Continuity.


Cooperative Systems ensured that MTM Insurance remained operational and available to its clients without interruption.

Being aware of these potential challenges, MTM Insurance Managing Partner Laurie Mancinelli worked with her staff and the team at Cooperative Systems to create a set of strategic processes and tools so that MTM could continue with business as usual in times like these.

“Our customers didn’t know the difference. They called in as usual and because of our disaster recovery plan, we were able to help them. They had no clue that we were working from another location,” said Mancinelli.

“We were able to leverage technology in order to run our business, in the middle of a disaster, thanks to the cloud technology and cloud telephony infrastructure that Cooperative Systems strategically designed for us. We have redundant internet connections at all locations, and a phone system in place that’s flexible and not dependent on a physical location. We were able to work from anywhere while serving our clients during this stressful time in their personal lives.”

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