Assess Your Technology

Imagine a scenario where you could leverage a proven process to determine exactly where your pain points are within the technology of your business.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could finally find someone, like an outsourced IT resource, that could evaluate the current state of your IT, your hardware, your software, and your security to provide you with a comprehensive report that identified (and solved) your tech problems, once and for all?

An assessment that’s not your traditional IT assessment, but one where we assess your business as it relates to the use of technology and IT, to ensure strategic alignment of business goals? Finally find out if you’re spending your technology dollars wisely with this assessment.

Our Process in 4 Steps



On-Site Hardware Evaluation



Technical Network Evaluation



Your Deliverables



Recommendations & Strategy

Step 1

On-Site Hardware Evaluation

Alongside you and your team, our staff conducts an evaluation to inventory your infrastructure components. This includes business applications, integrations, network storage, cabling, video systems, automation tools, WAN, internet, routers, firewalls, workstations, security appliances, backup and recovery components, remote locations, and more. We determine the current condition of these IT components and estimated life cycle statuses of all your technology. We also interview relevant team members as part of this process. It’s conducted by two members from Cooperative Systems and typically takes a couple of weeks.

Step 2

Technical Network Evaluation

Our staff will utilize the best, most innovative tools to gather and analyze all technical aspects of your current IT network environment. The recommendations you’ll get will come from using these best-in-class tools and your network will remain unaffected during our evaluations.

Deliverables From Discovery and Technology Assessment

From our discovery and assessment, you’ll receive five deliverables:

  • A Full Network Report including a technical summary of your entire IT environment.
  • A Risk Report evaluating your current technology environment that uncovers any risks to the integrity and security of your network and data.
  • An Asset Report with a complete listing of all active and inactive hardware existing on your domain.
  • A Network Diagram as a visual representation of your current network, with recommended changes, if applicable.
  • An Executive Summary complete with an explanation of our findings at an operational level that you can understand, as well as summary after evaluating your IT Operational Maturity.
Step 4

Recommendations & Strategy

A customized strategy outlining the details of your current environment paired with our recommendations based on your business needs and goals. Sign up today and start the process of finally figuring out if you’re spending your technology dollars wisely.

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