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We’ll evaluate your IT assets and management processes so you can maximize your ROI and grow your business.

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Each assessment includes an informational gathering period, a comprehensive review of our findings and recommendations on how to best improve your technology standing.


Business Discovery & Technology Assessment

A comprehensive examination and review of your current IT standing to support your company’s goals.

Though we encourage everyone to engage our comprehensive Business Discovery & Technology Assessment, we realize some of you may need a more specific, streamlined assessment.

If so, please see our other options below.   

If you’re unsure of which IT assessment is the best fit for your business, please take this online evaluation for a list of our recommendations. 


Cybersecurity Risk & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Assessment

An in-depth investigation into your information assets to expose cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities.


Backup & Disaster Recovery Assessment

An evaluation of your company’s ability to recover from adverse events to prevent negative impacts on your business.

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Cloud & Data Center Assessment

An extensive analysis of your cloud and data center needs in order to optimize your data, operations, and costs.

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VoIP/Telecommunications Readiness Assessment

An all-encompassing look at what you need to create a quality, scalable, and consistent telecommunications system.

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Website Assessment

A thorough inspection of your website to make sure it’s secure and accessible no matter what happens.

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Wireless Infrastructure Assessment

A rigorous scrutiny of your wireless infrastructure to increase your connectivity performance.

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